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turn world's attention to the police that some. of our clients. oh. please. do you think. this is a protest says converge on the u.s. congress to mark the new laws to end my spoiling by the national security agency. another day and yet damaging revelations case communications headquarters documents reveal the lengths. to keep them praise around the. world so often you get to witness a moment of real history but this is the first time to be in a big moment ever been made of the north pole i don't see crew follows the sochi twenty fourteen torch relay into the pole of night we'll be bringing you spectacular images from this.
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one for the all to send to moscow at ten pm it's kevin i would have very good to have your company first as i mentioned crowds flooding capitol hill in washington right now washington d.c. venting their fury against the n.s.a. sweeping surveillance practices the organizers say will be the largest pro privacy rally in u.s. history let's get more from our he's got a chance you can she's with the demonstrators got a hi there. day for the rally by the looks of it what exactly are they asking for what do they want and what are they hoping really to achieve end of the day you. and i were. no object we've been given you're only answer three years why do you concede defeat of all your. people leave with the win in the name of fighting here if you like this.
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they also say that they are tired of the lies that the government is telling to cover up their mass spying program just earlier this year the director of national intelligence james clapper said no when asked about whether the n.s.a. was collecting data on millions of americans edward snowden's revelations of course confirmed that was a lie and the latest i've heard is that just within a month the n.s.a. spied on more than one hundred twenty four billion phone calls worldwide that way every single person on earth. are facing the risk of being caught up in the n.s.a. dragnet and the person edward snowden thinks to whom this this protest is happening is now holed up in russia because here in the states he would be in jail. by now and just. lower herself a prominent advocate for. she is about to read out his address to this rally she
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met him earlier in. actually all speakers there thanking edward snowden we see people carrying banners saying thank you edward snowden. i hope we're going to hear from. that is from edward snowden. really listen. well kevin they demand a meaningful reform surveillance surveillance and people here they came with signed by more than five hundred thousand people demanding congress investigate the end. spying programs the senate judiciary and intelligence
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comedian. program so they want to make sure that their voices are heard and we should say that congress is divided into those who demand a major overhaul of the spying programs and those who suggest a bit more oversight as we know members of congress like alan grayson he says that congressional oversight is in fact that he has learned far more about government spying on citizens from the media than he has from official intelligence briefings actually one of the main messages is watch the watchers the question is really is it really possible so far the only any light that's been shed on the watchers has been whistleblowers essentially ok. they continue to make their voices thank you from washington d.c. is going to. well the n.s.a.
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has been under fire over its overseas activities as well revelations of course has been eavesdropping on including german chancellor angela merkel spot outrage in europe who are now getting reports that president obama told merkel in a phone call he had no knowledge that was going on to civil rights richard becker he doubts that. the united states. relationship with other countries is based on this notion of quote unquote american exceptionalism and the . no other country in the world spies and everybody else and all of and all other countries that feels free to intervene and all other countries and the fact that this is come to light shows the real nature of the relationships that even among the allies they are in contention in competition with each other not to mention the kind of relationship that. it's carried out against those countries that the united states considers to be its enemy. back in america again american internet service
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providers are also feeling the pressure crypto seal which you may recall allowed users to browse the internet anonymously is closed following the same path as lava bit that was the mailing christian service instead used by edward snowden now the big close in august often refusing to cooperate with the n.s.a. seals co-founder ryan lucky told us what was behind his decision they would require a search warrant to extract keys and in turn under the new. law which case they can use a pen register order it's already ordered which is a much lower standard to compel providers to turn over keys so we can't really operate in that environment so we preemptively shut the service down it was too risky to operate being threatened with jail or prison for running a computer service for people is a very very scary proposition and i personally have no interest in going. and british intelligence has been desperately trying to keep its surveillance practices secret wary of public anger and legal challenges if anything else in the maternal
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documents leaked by edward snowden and taken by the guardian newspaper but it's not he said ports the spy agencies was theists do seem to be already coming through. these latest documents reveal the long fight g. c. h. had against making insists that evidence admissible in criminal trials now one of these memos detailing that g c h t's main concerns with reference to agency practices in the extension scape of the would lead to a damaging public debate now ironically of course that public debate already taking place in the case at the moment on the back of those edward snowden revelations and for the first time in a few weeks we're going to see the heads of m i five and my six and t.c.h. be giving evidence in public now that will be broadcast virus us like link although there will be assured still
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a now perhaps we'll see as this public debate unfolds wheeling out some of the media friendly people the documents also revealing that they had a list of people they could rely on for press handling but the guardian newspaper really pulling no punches in their piece today saying that the revelations once again calling into question the lack of effective legal protections when it comes to inception of all communications in calling this a breach of trust by the u.k. government on the grandest scale. you know the whole thing is such a big story for produce more updates on the revelations that keep coming in from the u.k. and told you so agency g c h q had to a website ot don't call. right to see. the first strike. and i think your.
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orders. can. be. something totally different if the next few minutes unlimited torches reach the north pole for the first time ever as part of that i'm bishes such a twenty forty three like james brown join the voyage on board a nuclear icebreaker. just in case you didn't actually believe we were going to the north pole i think that eliminates any down doesn't it you might think it's just before the dawn or just before the sun cern's but actually we're right smack bang in the middle of the day in fact it's just gone twelve thirty in the afternoon but of course the further north we go the less daylight we're getting that polar nights are coming into full effect and as you can see our ice breaker is really having to prove our worth now. the
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fact you can see everything is getting rather busy and excited up here and we're all mama bridge for the final approach. sorry lympics flame we think you can make its way onto the north pole. top of the world. but it's not often you get to witness a moment of real history but this is the first time to be in a big moment ever been made of the north pole exactly right. and i'm here to see.
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great stuff and while that historic journey continues europe's leaders have been grappling with more monday matters stifling red tape in fact from a summit in brussels britain failed to persuade the rest of the block to curb what it sees as pointless regulations that are taking a heavy toll on u.k. taxpayers laura smith reports next from london. david cameron's in brussels this week to demand the return of powers from the u. and he's got a new weapon in his mary a report by think tank. fall from being a net beneficiary of all of brussels rules and regulations that costing the u.k. taxpayer a staggering twenty seven billion pounds a year in europe has looked at the hundred most expensive regulations stuff like rules on working hours g.m. food and a range of other addicts and found in at least twenty four cases the cost outweigh
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the benefit even according to the government figures meaning that it's knowingly spending taxpayer money for no return in other cases the report found the benefits of the regulations have been involved stated. that in the case of climate change regulations around ninety five percent of the expected benefits totally failed to materialize but this study only covers the top one hundred of the it's just the tip of the odds. estimate. ninety billion pounds in regulation which doesn't include. doesn't include. it is just red tape so obviously if britain left the e.u. tomorrow those costs wouldn't just disappear but at least say critics it would be british regulation british people are down and many see cameron's proposals
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for reform to this european summit as his first step in trying to change the balance of power with brussels ahead of the referendum he's promised the british people. coming up on america's expanding waistlines. created in the compaction that are. very be very savvy and very tall and they caught up with will have a lot of us full for it coming up but we take a closer look into why people get hopes on these high fat high sugary foods and why efforts to try to fight the trend so far. that we've talked about a lot of allies part obligation runs on the show before that and that ben bernanke you know mark carney are trying to monetize their flatulence that's the that's the
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economic growth in the u.k. they talk about g.d.p. annualizing at three percent growth but that's annualizing at nine percent growth and higher if you put the debts that are off the balance sheet like on the bank of england back into the mix the debts compound at twenty percent a year so three percent a year in g.d.p. growth even though it doesn't even discount for the actual inflation number the fact is you can count me in negative territory they're living on carty farts they're living on corny parts here that's their entire economic so-called growth. will go to the interest. show thirty four can just spend over fifteen billion euros he says to each one hundred fifty million degrees with one token mark no cells from st petersburg to france the trouble in such a song. we've got the future covered.
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yes exactly proposed ten they are in moscow reporting tonight afghan soldiers been killed after he turned his gun on the international troops he was serving with a military base near kabul at least one nato soldier was injured there too to discuss what's going wrong here let's talk to a path is non research fellow at the university of rhode island deepak hari thanks take the time to be with us tonight october alone see for similar instances like this soldiers turning guns on fellow colleagues why is it continuing to happen what could be done about it. you are right the frequency of arguments. by troops on. violent soldiers. is increasing the frequency is the deadline for most of the troops. out of me why is it this serious what's going wrong what's the communication
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breakdown to allow this to happen. well. external and internal structural factors involved here first of all there is real or perceived humiliation. among afghans. over the last ten years twenty years of occupation there have been atrocities they're seen as on afghan civilians. and. now well most of the fighting is being done by afghans while about one hundred thousand foreign troops are protected by contractors so there is a feeling in afghanistan both in the army and the police and in the civilian population at large that the the americans and other nato troops are actually protecting themselves and getting ready to get out but also
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there are internal factors which are very important as american troops prepare to withdraw there is going to be a vacuum that is felt in afghanistan and not are tribal and ethnic accommodate being made by those who are so far so the americans so a failed mission so many lives lost on all sides so much money poured into it yet the end of it is out of more city and the country still no longer able to stand on its own two feet i mean what you say that basically is it can't control its security what's going to happen at the end the twenty four taking them. well president karzai said so in the last couple of weeks i think there is a big question mark as to what will happen. after most of the american troops withdraw and it is by no means certain that. the afghan government will allow some
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of the troops to stay on for training as well as protecting the embassy except truck. it is it is it is an open question there is fear of. not being expressed very openly that there is going to be another. spello was between the government. and opposition the part friends who thought gloomy picture you're painting there but to say it is what we've heard before departure parthian research fellow at the university thanks for your time. next nato member turkey is coming under fire for its allies for considering a multi-billion dollar military contract with china and chris holding talks with a chinese firm to co-produce a missile defense system however the u.s. insists the deals incompatible with nato defense framework unless dr same batch
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explain what's motivating. the american. system is all this so that the americans control the entire fifth from if it is deployed rare as china offering turkey to produce together. to control. to gether and provide turkey along control of the. part of the sides agreed the deal would be a purely commercial decision whether the u.s. is still holding discussions with turkey on the matter professor birch again on war and crew want see it appears they want more leverage in its relationship with washington. the turkish government. of course negotiate this situation with the americans but the americans have to make this concession that turkey is taking part in the production mechanism process until now it was always offset
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fairly. and in turkey this was a new way of thinking a new set of confidence that turkey wants to be part of the entire process. of the stores are coming online dirty dot com more bad news for japan's crippled fukushima nuclear problem top of that tsunami were really well this week getting more unwelcome attention as a former cleanup workers pointed a major blunders in the plant's operations and accuse the management of exploitation even muffy of connections when read up more about that we've got it at r.t. dot com blasts from high hopes still with a disappointment or much anticipated biopic called wiki leaks founder julian assange has got a hostile reception if you want to find out why the fifty states being panned by the critics again head to our website for the lowdown. the u.s. a piece of the rates become a key health concern affecting one in three adults now some say the phenomenon is a direct result of the tricks the food companies use to try to get us consumers
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addicted to their products marie point nine investigates. it's the richest country on earth where banks can't fail and waistlines can't stop expanding waistlines in america are growing alarming new study showing half of all americans could be obese in less than twenty years sugary drinks and wider waistlines go hand in hand with one out of every three adults clinically obese and forty percent of children officially overweight experts say food has become a drug and. cooked and marketed by an industry banking on addiction what these scientists. and the lab and they created these chemical concoctions that are very sickly very fatty and very salty and they caught up with scientists and food industry whistleblowers say big food companies engineer processed foods and beverages with ingredients that pique the taste buds while tricking the brain to think you're still hungry causing you to eat more but in
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a country where diabetes high cholesterol high blood pressure and heart disease are becoming all too common among millions of children and adolescents why don't food corporations create healthier recipes in one word. we are doing mommy. kill. another major profit generating ingredient for big food is marketing in the u.s. there is virtually no regulation of food and drink advertising even when it's hard it's children. last year entertainer beyond say a fifty million dollar endorsement deal with pepsi this came as the american heart association released a report finding that twenty five thousand obesity related deaths in the u.s. back in two thousand and ten were linked to the over consumption of soda and other sugary drinks in france they have a warning label on it much like we have warning labels here cigarettes a warning label on processed foods it says warning this food may be harmful to your
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health while europe. in countries require genetically modified foods to be labeled in the u.s. the biotech industry and corporations like pepsi co and coca-cola spent millions last year to defeat a california ballot initiative for g.m.o. labeling it's very difficult to get the right labeling stand on to the packaging pushback with the producers who do not want to label what really is going into a food supply whole foods market or grocery chain with three hundred thirty nine stores recently announced that it will begin labeling all g.m.o. foods within the next five years it will be the first and only u.s. retail store to require the food labeling on the other hand when it comes to soda regulation is off limits new york city mayor michael bloomberg recently lost his fight to limit the extra large serving sizes of sweet beverages in an effort to
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fight obesity. i. say and soda lovers like v.p. want to be sarah pailin have celebrated the fact that americans can continue consuming and alarming amount of high fructose corn syrup and empty calories in one giant cup not sure if miss palin knows about the medical warnings indicating that if the country's health trend continues at its current pace nearly half of all americans will be obese by twenty thirty marina portnoy r.t. new york. would use a brief no tonight first off a greenpeace activist take his campaign to new heights literally in france he suspended himself from the eiffel tower in protest against russia's detention of thirty members of his organization a man who got mountaineering tent from the second story of the tower that unfolded banner before firefighters took it down two hours later last month the greenpeace team attempted to board that arctic oil drilling platform they're still being held
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but russian prosecutors this week reduce the charges against them from piracy to hooliganism. hundreds of protesters have attacked a bus station in brazil's largest city sao paolo after a peaceful march initially against high ticket prices then turned ugly police tear gassed crowds after rioters vandalized turnstiles cash machines and vehicles ablaze up to seventy eight arrests were made brazilians have been running against the mismanagement of public services in cities throughout the country since june and i guess also been fueled too by the government's massive spending or preparations for the thirty fourteen world cup. i see here from one part of berlin several hundred people took part in a north arise demonstration of the brandenburg gate rally against police brutality and germany's persecution of asylum seekers was organized online at the same time thousands of people in hamburg marched in support of african refugees around three hundred migrants from africa a living in the city seeking residency and the right to work news from around
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iranian media says because the authorities there hanged sixteen rebels in retaliation against the recent killings of border troops and wary of the state news agency reported that seventeen soldiers died in clashes near pakistan they were reportedly ambushed in the mountains outside the town of south of them on or around southeast a border that area's known for its interethnic tensions and also to wisen a major drug route to europe. a web team are you service twenty four seven a course or not c dot com for news when he wanted if it not me a t.v. break neck stuff of that breaking news set exploring the battle raging between the us government on the own line like a community thank you for viewing and trusting. it
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seems like politicians can get away with anything nowadays but not all of them the former mayor of failed detroit has been sentenced to twenty years in prison after being found guilty of committing record tearing conspiracy fraud extortion and tax crimes while the mayor the prosecutor say he funneled millions of dollars to himself and family members all while detroit moved headstrong towards the bankrupt state it is in today this is big news not because some mayor took bribes but because he got punished the judge who could fix him stated why this is such an important case she said at the very least a significant sentence will send a message that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated yes sending a message you see corrupt officials are usually cowards and they do what they do because they feel they can get away with it when you start to put the fear of god into them they start to behave much better so the question is will the mainstream media grab the story and really use the conviction of detroit's former mayor as an example probably not but it would really help the country if they would but that's
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just my opinion. one hundred days remaining. days of slate. to sort you. what's going on guys i'm happy martin and this is breaking the set so the n.s.a. is a leaky faucet just won't stop therapy and we've already know that the u.s. government has attended goals in the years of world leaders in france germany and brazil and just yesterday we learned the extent of the n.s.a.'s global spying apparatus goes well beyond these three countries yes apparently eavesdropping on
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the phone calls of longtime allies just isn't enough to quell uncle peeping sam's voyeurism addiction according to a two thousand and six classified memo released by the guardian the n.s.a. has monitored the phone calls of thirty five world leaders and the best part is that the memo acknowledges that the spying has produced virtually no report of all intelligence so not only are we pissing off our most trusted allies but we're doing it for no reason. i think we all know what's really going on here this gives the us the upper hand on virtually all diplomatic issues what better way to win that chess game of global politics if you already know everyone's next move a bunch of the benefits this information could provide american industry and in fact n.s.a. carries out industrial espionage on a regular basis so if you're sick of being a citizen of a country that the global community is turning against then join all of us tomorrow in d.c. in front of union station at eleven thirty in them.


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